Robin Thicke Declares: ??I Wrote ??Blurred Lines?? About My Wife?

Robin Thicke Declares: ??I Wrote ??Blurred Lines?? About My Wife?

Having a blast in the City of Lights, Robin Thicke showed up at La Petite Maison de Nicole in Paris, France on Sunday (October 13).

The Shooter singer was happy to pose for a photo with the establishments director Ghislain Evraert after enjoying a delicious meal inside.

Meanwhile, Robin told BBCs Newsbeat that his hit single Blurred Lines is actually about his wife Paula Patton.

Thicke explained, “I don”t think people got it. I wrote it about my wife she”s my good girl. And I know she wants it because we”ve been together for 20 years.”

Robins dad, Growing Pains star Alan Thicke, even came to his sons defense- “I think that there are blurred lines within the “Blurred Lines. Robin”s point of view, I think, in his own parts of the song … is kind of female empowerment when you look at it.”

“It”s not so much, “We know you want it” it”s “We hope you want it. It”s still a guy waiting for permission, saying, “I”m not your maker.” Nobody grabs anybody; we”re waiting for permission here. And not only that, but it”s guys trying to be cute and funny.”