Robin Gibb of Bee Gees Undergoes Intestinal Surgery

Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb”s recovery from health problems has encountered a setback as the Bee Gees singer underwent emergency intestinal surgery.

“Robin underwent the operation successfully, he is awake and has been talking to his doctors,” reads a statement on his website. “He is currently being monitored and resting in the hospital and his family are hoping for his full recovery.”

Gibb, 62, underwent the surgery Monday to remove a blot clot in his colon that had caused a perforation. This followed earlier surgery for a twisted intestine.

Gibb canceled promotional appearances for the release of The Titanic Requiem album, a classical work marking the 100th anniversary of the ocean linker”s sinking. But he does hope to attend the work”s live premiere in London on April 10.