Robert Pattinson Featured in InStyle UK October 2013

Robert Pattinson Featured in InStyle UK October 2013

He”s constantly in the spotlight, and now Robert Pattinson reveals his struggle with social anxiety in the October 2013 issue of InStyle UK.

While rocking a few poses for the Nan Goldin-shot spread, the 27-year-old actor chats about saying goodbye to “Twilight” and his paparazzi-induced stress.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Pattinson”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit InStyle UK!

On moving away from his vamp days:
“It can be really difficult transition from something like “Twilight.” Once people identify you with something like that it”s hard to find your way out of it. And also, I mean, I”m not that easy to case because of my… physicality. I”m quite lanky. You can”t exactly see me in a sports film or something, can you I”m never going to play “one of the guys.””

On being in the public eye:
“Once you get photographed a lot it changes you. I remember when I first did Twilight I didnt care about how I looked there was less pressure. [But now] every time I appear somewhere, I think, “I don”t know how many more times I can do this.” Dressing up to go somewhere and be looked at – I get so nervous. Up until the second I have to leave, I”ll get changed a million times. It”s crazy. Literally just before I go I look in the mirror and think, “You look like s***.” I start worrying about wrinkles. Honestly. Everyone who works with me knows they”ll have to sit there and wait for me to go through my process of having a panic attack about how I look.”

On posing for Dior:
“Before, I was so obsessed with thinking, “People are going to think you”re a sell out,” and now, of course, every single actor in the world has done one. In the past, I always said no to everything. I thought I”d be so judged for it. Dior came up and it felt right. It was a big decision – I”ve turned down plenty of others at the last minute before.”