Robert Griffin III — Knee 100% Healed … for Chinese Food

Exclusive 0412_rg3_video_2Robert Griffin III”s amazing rookie season ended with a horrific knee injury, but the Washington Redskins” superhuman QB looks ready for action again — and claims he”ll be even BETTER next year.

RGIII — who showed no signs of a limp last night outside of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills — said he”s “feeling good” and brushed off the injury … reminding us the torn ACL he suffered in college was way worse.

When our camera guy pumped up RGIII telling him he”d be just as good this coming season — Griffin shot back, “I”ll be better.”

Also, you gotta check out the clip for his favorite sports movie. We”ll give him a pass … and say it”s a generational thing.