Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — Mary’s Suicide was NOT My Fault

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
. is ADAMANT the suicide of his wife — Mary Richardson Kennedy — was not his fault … but apparently Mary”s siblings aren”t buying it.

During Mary”s funeral — held Saturday at St. Patrick”s Church in Bedford — RFK Jr. publicly proclaimed that a friend told him not to blame himself for Mary”s death, saying, “I know I did everything I could to help her.”

The memorial — which was boycotted by Mary”s 6 siblings — came just one day after a colossal legal battle erupted between RFK Jr. and Mary”s biological family — each side wanted to claim Mary”s body for burial

RFK Jr. won the battle courtesy of a judge  …  which allowed him to retrieve Mary”s body from the medical examiner — just hours before the wake.

Mary hanged herself Wednesday.  She was 52.