Robert Downey Jr. reveals sex of his unborn baby!

It looks like there’s a Robert Downey III the Second on the way!

The actor revealed he and wife Susan Levin are expecting a baby boy on the Tonight Show recently, after joking around that he wouldn’t reveal the bub’s sex!

“I am not permitted to discuss it,” said the Sherlock Holmes star, before blurting out: “I can’t say a word – we’re having a boy!”

Now there’s a man you can trust with a secret…not!

RDJ continued his cheeky streak by saying his wife’s pregnancy has been tougher for him that it has for her!

“Just the hormones on and the mood stuff and the nausea and the whole thing,” he said. “I gotta be careful: I am gonna have to see my wife sometime after doing this segment with you, and I think I’m already in trouble.”

Yep, we’d agree with that one. Revealing secrets and playing the ‘woe is me’ card certainly won’t put you in the good books, RDJ!

Robert and Susan’s baby boy is due in February.