Rob Kardashian — Criminal Charges DROPPED In Alleged Photog Assault

Breaking News 0606-rob-kardashian-tmz-winRob Kardashian“s topless paparazzi drama is officially over — the judge has officially dismissed the charges against RK for allegedly attacking a female snapper who took shirtless pics of him back in March.

We broke the story … RK was charged with battery and theft after Andra Viak claimed an angry Rob got physcial with her and swiped her memory card when she took photos of the 26-year-old leaving  a West Hollywood gym without a shirt.

Besides the criminal charges — Viak sued Rob over the incident … but she dropped lawsuit last week when Kardashian agreed to pay for the camera equipment.

The only remaining formality was those 2 misdemeanor charges … but Andra didn”t want to pursue them … and today, the judge officially dismissed the case.

Interesting note — the prosecution DID NOT WANT TO DROP THE CASE — but in light of the settlement agreement between Rob and Andra, the judge ignored the prosecution”s objection and tossed the charges anyway.