Rob Dyrdek — Drunk People + Munchies = My New MTV Show

Exclusive Video 081313_rob_dyrdek_launchRob Dyrdek is on a mission … a greasy, stomach-filling, alcohol-absorbing mission … to find the greatest drunk munchie chef in the country.  And it”s gonna be awesome.

Dyrdek was leaving Boa Steakhouse on Sunset Blvd. last night when he told us all about his upcoming MTV show “Snackdown” — the hunt for a Wolfgang I”m-So-Pucked-Up-Right-Now.

“If you appreciate late night random drunk snacking on a gourmet level, that”s what “Snackdown” is all about.”

For example — Pizza with nachos … throw in some chocolate syrup … and maybe some ice cream. Boom. BRILLIANT.

Anyone else hungry Or drunk