Rita Ora to Fans: I'm Okay, Sorry to Scare You!

Rita Ora to Fans: I'm Okay, Sorry to Scare You!

After she was rushed to the hospital for heat exhaustion and dehydration, Rita Ora headed home to London on Wednesday (November 20).

Despite her stressful visit to South Beach, the 22-year-old singer kept smiling as she made her way through Miami International Airport”s busy terminal.

As previously reported by GossipCenter, Rita was raced to the ER during a Material Girl photo shoot. While posing for the pictures in the 90 degree heat, she became sick and was later taken out of her makeup trailer on a stretcher.

During her recovery, Miss Ora took to her Twitter account to thank her fans for their thoughts. “Just lying In bed in Miami on the road to recovery & @lilyallen is everything I needed and more it”s hard out here! Yes! #golily #badbitch,” Rita tweeted.

“I love you guys. I”m getting better. Thank you for all your support bots I love you. Sorry to scare you. I got scared too. Ok going back to getting better I just wanted to give you a update. Love you. I”ll be back soon. Keep dancing!!!” she added.