Rihanna to Miley Cyrus — Hell Yeah I’ll MAKE OUT With You!

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Good news for fans of hot girls making out with each other — Rihanna says she”s totally down to suck face with Miley Cyrus … just as soon as Miley calls her up.

So, WHY is Rihanna talking about girl-on-girling it up with Miley, you ask

Long story short — someone asked Miley the same question (in reverse) recently and M.C. said she”d “definitely” makeout with RiRi.

So, we found Rihanna this weekend on her way out of Georgio Baldi and asked if the hypothetical feelings were mutual.

… and they are.

Now, we just gotta get the two of “em in the same room … with some Barry White … and a camera.