Rihanna Stirs Up Twitter Feud with Teyana Taylor

Rihanna Stirs Up Twitter Feud with Teyana Taylor

She always speaks her mind, so when Rihanna sees something she doesn”t like, she makes sure the whole world knows.

On Tuesday (September 24), the “Rockstar” songstress took to her Twitter account and shared a video of her male stylist, dressed in drag, making fun of Teyana Taylor”s cover of Anita Baker”s “Caught in the Rapture.”

The 22-year-old singer posted the clip of herself singing the song on her Instragram account on September 11. Rihanna listened and didn”t seem like the performance.

Unfortunately for RiRi, Miss Taylor did not appreciate the Barbadian singer”s criticism and took to her Twitter account to state, “petty is petty and shade is shade, b**** knew what the f*** she was doing.”

Calling Rihanna by her nickname, which is Navy, Teyana addressed her personally tweeting, “WHY IS THE NAVY LETTIN MY “IRRELEVANT” A** GET THEM SO UPSET YOU MAD OF NAH MATTER FACT HOW DID YALL FIND MY “IRRELEVENT TWITTERPAGE LOL.”

Also taking a stab at 25-year-old singer”s personal life, the G.O.O.D. songstress added, “90 million dollars& 90 million n***** diving in that b**** box.”

Rihanna then fired back against Teyana and tweeted, “I REFUSE to help your career… you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo #iREFUSE.”

Since Rihanna”s comeback tweet, the comments from Teyana have been deleted.