Rihanna Smacks Fan??s Face with Microphone

Rihanna Smacks Fan??s Face with Microphone

It seems she forgot to bring her manners with her on stage- Rihanna hit a fan in the face with her microphone during her gig in Birmingham, England earlier this week.

The We Found Love songstress was singing and slapping hands with the crowd along the front row when one overzealous member of the audience held onto her hand.

Without thinking twice, Ri-Ri took her microphone and swung it at the fans face, and its all caught on a mobile phone video.

One witness tweeted, “[Rihanna] just hit someone with her mic on accident haha oops. Rihanna wrote back, Purpose! That bitch won”t let me go.”

Another fan posted, “How can you hit a fan that was excited to see you Don”t go to the crowd if you don”t expect to be grabbed fans made you.”