Rihanna Gets a Restraining Order for Her "Future Husband"

Rihanna Gets a Restraining Order for Her

After nearly two weeks of dealing with the frightening prospect of a delusional stalker, Rihanna finally received a restraining order against the man who claimed to be her future husband.

Jonathan Whooper was taken into custody on Friday, October 4th after police identified him as the man who allegedly threw a chair through a glass door at Rihanna”s Pacific Palisades home on Sunday, September 29th.

According to reports, Whooper returned to Rihanna”s home on October 4th however, he was confronted by security. When asked why he was there, Whooper explained, he was “there to see Rihanna.” When the guard ordered him to leave, Whooper allegedly said, “Do you know who I am I am Rihanna”s future husband!”

At court. the judge decided that Rihanna”s concern was legitimate, and issued a temporary restraining order against Whooper, ordering him to stay at least 100 yards away. The case is due back in court later in October, and Rihanna will most likely seek to make the order more permanent.