Rihanna Chills at Coco Chanel??s Crib

Rihanna Chills at Coco Chanel??s Crib

Being one of the hottest pop singers in the world definitely has its perks, and Rihanna used her superstar status to score a tour of an iconic Paris apartment yesterday (June 4).

The We Found Love songstress hit up Coco Chanels apartment for what she called a legendary day, and there were plenty of photos from the visit.

Rihanna shared a pic of her sprawled across an antique chair with the caption, Replicating a #Coco moment.

She also posted an image from Chanels closet, explaining, Checking my designs where #Coco checked hers!!!

However, Ri-Ri didnt dig the No Smoking Here sign, as was evident from the cigarette in her mouth- Im just different! Its a #Coco thing!!