Rihanna Attempted Burglary — Suspects Caught On Tape

Exclusive 1001-Rihanna-tmz-house.JPGRihanna“s string of bad luck with homes continues — someone tried to break into her Pacific Palisades mansion over the weekend … our sources has learned.

While Rihanna gallivanted around Australia half-naked … someone drove up her private road onto her $12 million property, walked to the backyard and threw a chair through a sliding glass door … law enforcement sources tell our sources.

The would-be burglars were scared off — apparently by the alarm, because they left without entering.  

Here”s their problem — Rihanna”s house is covered by security cameras.  And get this … to approach the property you have to drive onto a private road.  As you turn onto the road, there”s a sign:  “Smile, You”re on camera”  

Cops are still on the hunt for the intruders.

It”s not the first problem Rihanna has had with unwanted visitors.  In February a stalker tried to  break into her house but mistakenly entered her neighbor”s pad … then in June, another man was busted by her security team, after they spotted him creeping on her roof.

And you may recall … before buying this estate, Rihanna lived in Bev Hills, where she sued the former owner, home inspector and realtor, claiming they defrauded her by unloading a leaky piece of crap.