Rico Rodriguez — ‘Modern Family’ Kid Rolling in Cash

Exclusive 0308-rico-rodriguez-tmz
Modern Family” star Rico Rodriguez has a few million reasons why he wants you to watch his show — the actor will make up to $115,000 PER EPISODE … if it lasts another 5 seasons, according to legal docs.

14-year-old Rico — who plays Sofia Vergara”s son on the show — renegotiated his “MF” contract last year (along with the rest of the cast).  So his new deal starts in the current season — season 4.

Here”s what the lil guy is guaranteed over the next five seasons: 

Season 4: $75,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes    
Season 5: $85,000 per episode, min of 12 episodes
Season 6: $95,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
Season 7: $105,000 per episode, min of 11 episodes
Season 8: $115,000 per episode, min of 10 episodes

FYI: In each of the first 3 seasons there were 24 episodes — meaning Rico has the potential to make almost $2 million during the current season, and by season 8 he could make $2.8 million!

But wait, there”s more … Rico”s new deal also includes a bonus in season 8  — an extra $2,500 per episode — if the show can meet a minimum ratings requirement.

So keep watching America … IT”S FOR THE CHILDREN.