Ricky Schroder — I’M REALLY SORRY … But I Didn’t Hit That Woman

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Ricky Schroder says never, ever EVER assaulted a female airport worker at LAX this week … and tells our sources the only thing he;s guilty of doing … is hurting her feelings.

The former “Silver Spoons” actor was getting ready to board a train at Union Station in D.C. moments ago when we asked about the allegations he roughed up a ticket checker while trying to get to his gate at LAX on Monday.

Schroder was adamant … he didn”t assault anyone and called the whole thing a “complete misunderstanding.”

Still, Schroder seems to acknowledge there was contact between the two during a hurried and frantic exchange … telling us, “My phone dropped and I went to grab it .. and that”s what happened.”

The actor also directed a few words towards his accuser — saying, “I apologize to you, Miss, if I hurt your feelings and I didn”t mean to.”

He added, “Sweetheart, god bless you … and I didn”t mean to hurt your feelings.”