Richie Incognito — I’m Worried About Jonathan Martin, Tells FOX in First Interview

Exclusive Details richie-incognito-jay-glazerRichie Incognito calls Jonathan Martin his best friend on the Miami Dolphins — and says he”s worried about the teammate whose allegations of hazing got Richie suspended … our sources has learned.

Incognito talked today for the first time about the scandal … with FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer. Sources on the FOX set tell us Incognito wasn”t exactly apologetic for his actions — but instead expressed deep concern about Martin”s health since he left the team.

We”re told Incognito was willing to answer any and all questions about the controversy — including alleged threats against Martin”s family members, forcing him to pay for team meals, and the infamous voicemail he left … where he allegedly called Martin a “half n***a.”

The interview will air during tomorrow”s FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.