Richie Incognito — DROPS N-BOMB ON VIDEO … in Crazy Bar Rage

Exclusive 110413_richie_incognito_iphone_launch_wm_v2Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito shouted the N-word … in a shirtless rage … during a crazy outing with teammates at a bar earlier this year — and our sources Sports has the footage.

The video was shot several months ago … showing Richie running around Dirty Blondes — a pool hall in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

As the video begins, Richie shouts, “Mike Pouncey, N**GA!!”

FYI — Mike Pouncey is a member of the Dolphins and it looks like he”s in the video. When Richie drops the N-bomb, it seems like he”s announcing that Pouncey is in the bar.

In the footage, Incognito proceeds to stomp around the bar with his shirt off while patrons watch the lineman go berserk.

Incognito is under fire for allegedly harassing his teammate Jonathan Martin — and calling him a “half-n**ger” in a voice mail.

Incognito has since been suspended by the team.