Rhonda Aikman — Played ‘Troy Aikman’ Card in Effort to Get Out of Arrest

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Rhonda Aikman tried to GUILT police officers into letting her off the hook during her drunk in public arrest by throwing around the name of her famous ex-husband … and our sources has the shameless footage.

It all went down when Rhonda was sitting in the back of the Murphy PD cop car … after she was busted for allegedly being wasted in a high school parking lot.

As the camera in the squad car rolled, Rhonda begged for her freedom … at one point telling the officer, “Do you know what this is gonna do to him Troy”

The officer replied, “I have no idea. You can have him call me.”

Rhonda continued, “If you do this, it’ll be on the TV and it’ll hurt … it’s gonna hurt Troy, it’s gonna hurt me, is that what your goal is”

“Is this really what you want to happen To Troy And me, and my kids Is this what you want to happen Or can you not just take me home”

The officer shot down Rhonda”s attempt … and merely explained, “I”m just doing my job.”

As we first reported, Rhonda was eventually booked for public intoxication and released a short time later.

Calls to Rhonda and Troy have not been returned.