Revenge"s Emily Talks Twisted Love Triangle, "Shocking" Story Lines

Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne
Emily VanCamp has found herself in the middle of a “twisted” love triangle – on TV, that is.

VanCamp”s character on ABC”s Revenge, vengeful vigilante Emily Thorne, may be seeking justice for her late father, but she”s also struggling to choose between Jack (Nick Wechsler), her working-class childhood friend, and Daniel (Joshua Bowman), the privileged son of her nemesis.

“Obviously there is a deep love and connection with Jack that is certainly not part of the plan,” VanCamp, 25, tells E! Online of the love triangle. “I think she”s really trying to keep him at an arm”s length, and he obviously makes her feel something, but I think if she really lets that go to far it could really disrupt her plan [with Daniel]. … it”s really kind of messy.”

She additionally teases: “Episode five is actually even more shocking in that respect with the relationship with Daniel.”

No word on if the new developments have anything to do with Daniel”s visiting college friend, Tyler, a bad seed played by Ashton Holmes. Fans can expect to see Tyler and Emily clash in upcoming episodes, according to VanCamp.

“He”s sort of like the Talented Mr. Ripley character, and Emily doesn”t even really know quite what he”s up to but she knows something is up,” VanCamp says. “There is something really kind of twisted and scary about this character.”

Things on Revenge just keep getting messier!