Revenge Star Christa Allen: Get Ready for "Explosive Scenes"

Fans are not the only ones eager to find out what happens on Revenge – the stars of the juicy drama get just as excited.

“So much can happen in an episode. At this point I”ve resorted to flipping to the very last scene the minute I get the script to see where [my character Charlotte Grayson] is going to end up,” actress Christa Allen told us recently while on break from filming.

Allen admits the nature of the primetime soap opera means that any character could “fly off the handle and become the enemy of any other character,” but she calls the cast a “family.”

“I don”t know how I would do it without them,” she said. “Every single person on the cast just has so much love for one another.”

The cast is known to play dodgeball, attend concerts together and recently planned to celebrate the 24th birthday of Joshua Bowman, who plays Daniel Grayson, at the home of costar Emily VanCamp, according to Allen.

Even Allen”s most frequent on-screen advisory – her character”s mother, Victoria (played by Madeleine Stowe) – has taken on a “motherly role with me.”

“She always have a little golden nugget of advice to offer up,” she said of Stowe. “From fashion on the red carpet to the way we deal with things on set, she”s given me tidbits that make the day easier to get through.”

Allen teases that there are twists and turns to come as the cast members” characters continue to piece together what happened on the night con artist Tyler Barrol (Ashton Holmes) was shot.

“We”re starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together and we have these big explosive scenes,” she said. “I feel like the Graysons should just stop hosting dinners at their place. Something horrible always happens.”