Rev. Al Sharpton to Gov. Chris Christie — I Can Help You KEEP the Weight Off!

Exclusive 050713_al_sharpton_launchAl Sharpton wants to be the Mickey to Chris Christie“s “Rocky Balboa” … telling our sources he”ll personally train the Gov”s obese ass to ENSURE he doesn”t regain the weight he”s lost after Lap-Band surgery.

Sharpton — who”s dropped a ton of weight WITHOUT the use of surgery — was in NYC today when we asked if he feels voters will judge Christie negatively for using the Lap-Band shortcut, instead of dropping the poundage through diet and exercise. 

Rev. Al essentially told us the ends justify the means … and insists Christie needs to focus on maintaining the weight loss … even offering to be Christie”s “maintenance man.”

But the weight loss doesn”t guarantee votes, according to Rev. Al … who pointed out, “I lost weight, I”m still not president.”

Solid point.