Rep. Mark Sanford on Tiger Woods — It Might Be Our Year!

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Rep. Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods are in the midst of legendary comebacks … considering cheating scandals ruined both of their lives … but Sanford tells our sources he hopes 2013 is the year they can BOTH stay on top (of their careers … not other women).

Sanford — who was just sworn back into office after leaving his position in shame in 2009 following an extra-marital affair — was strollin” around in D.C. yesterday when we talked about how he and Tiger are both turning things around.

FYI — Tiger just won a pretty big tournament earlier this month and golf experts think he”s got a chance to take over the sport again.

As for Sanford, we asked if he felt Anthony Weiner is also due for a comeback — to which Sanford replied, “I”m worried about trying to get it right in my own life.”

In other words — he doesn”t have time to focus on other weiners right now.