Reese Witherspoon Rant — Walter White Schooled Her on ‘Breaking Bad’

Breaking Bad 0823-reese-witherspoon-walter-white

This is just beyond … but turns out Reese Witherspoon“s rant during her Atlanta arrest could have been an audition for “Breaking Bad” — because it”s a damn good imitation of a scene where Walter White gets busted.

Way back in Season 3 … Bryan Cranston“s meth-cooking chem teacher character got pulled over for a shattered windshield, and went off on the officer saying … “This is America and I have rights,” and … “Pepper spray the man who”s expressing his opinion under the 1st Amendment!!”

Sound familiar

Watch the “BB” scene and Reese”s infamous verbal eruption where, for starters, she said, “I”m allowed to stand on American ground and ask any question I want to ask.”

082313_reese_witherspoon_arrest_small_launch082313_reese_witherspoon_arrest_small_launchCoincidence Or maybe Reese saw the episode shortly before her run-in with Johnny Law

At least she avoided the pepper spray … which would have been “beyond.”