Reese Witherspoon: Off to the Gym

Reese Witherspoon: Off to the Gym

Kicking off her week with some physical activity, Reese Witherspoon headed over to a fitness center in Brentwood, California this morning.

The This Means War actress had her game face on and looked sexy/sporty in a white top with blue shorts and sunglasses.

And it sounds like Reese and her family have a blast when it comes to their morning routine, including plenty of silly moves.

Witherspoon confessed, I do a lot of dancing with my kids, and when I get dressed in the morning. I have a playlist. A lot of country. A lot of Top 40. My kids love Macklemore, so that.

We horrify my children by dancing when the bus comes, with different moves. Were like, If you dont hurry up, were going to do the running man in front of the bus. All of the kids on the bus think its hysterical.