Reese Witherspoon Caml Toe Photos Emerge due to Fashion Faux Pas

Reese Witherspoon was just taking a happy little stroll when unbeknownst to her, her happy little caml toe came out to say hi to photographers. Witherspoon is considered one of America’s sweethearts and a bona-fide Hollywood A-lister, but that doesn’t mean she is immune from committing fashion faux pas.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese was photographed smiling and strolling around the around the streets in an all black outfit.

She had on a long-sleeved shirt, a puffy vest, and, of course, tight black spandex type pants that didn’t just ride up her crotch; it camped out there. Reese probably wouldn’t have been smiling so wide had she realized her labia was practically on display to the public.

Maybe it was karma coming around to bite Reese Witherspoon in her perfect little booty because of the harsh words she had about Kim Kardashian’s sx tape. What was it? You’d hide your head if your vagna was on display? Reese, you’d better find a spot to hide out now.