Reese Witherspoon ARRESTED … Do You Know Who I Am?

Exclusive Details 0421_jim_toth_reese_witherspoon_gettyReese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct after she allegedly got into a war of words with a police officer during her husband”s DUI arrest in Atlanta on Friday night.

According to our sources, Reese started talking back to the officer who was arresting her husband. Our sources say Reese was particularly annoyed at how long the arrest was taking.

We”re told the officer told her twice not to get out of her car … but she did anyway … so he busted her.

According to Variety, as the officer was arresting Witherspoon, she shouted, “Do you know my name” When the officer said he did not, Witherspoon responded, “You”re about to find out who I am.”

Variety also reports that Toth”s blood alcohol level was .139.

The couple was released on bond early Saturday morning. 

Reese is in Atlanta shooting a new movie, “The Good Lie.”