Red Hot Chili Peppers — Merch Company Sues Over Bootleg Swag

A message to all those dudes who sell unofficial band t-shirts at concerts — YOUR ASS WILL GET SUED … especially if those t-shirts say Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A merchandising company named Bravado International just filed a lawsuit in Tampa — claiming a Tampa resident named Mike Smith has been illegally hocking RHCP t-shirts outside the band”s concerts … and Bravado wants him stopped before he strikes again.

Bravado insists it struck a deal with RHCP for exclusive merchandising rights using the band”s name — and Mike”s stepping all over its business … with inferior products.

According to the suit, Mike”s not only violating the exclusive merchandising agreement — he”s hurting their reputation … because his crappy t-shirts are easily confused with Bravado”s.

As a result, Bravado is demanding Mike quit his operation and immediately DESTROY all offending merchandise. Bravado also wants unspecified damages.