Rebel Wilson Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Rebel Wilson Drops By ??Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Stepping out for some media duties, Rebel Wilson showed up at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in New York City last night (April 29).

The Bridesmaids babe looked wonderful as she chatted with Fallon about his name and her experience scoring a role in the new #1 flick in the land Pain and Gain.

Rebel began, I like saying your name, Jimmy. Because my uncle has a ball machine- hes a tennis coach- called Jimmy. So hes always like, Jimmy, Jimmy needs balls. That kind of stuff.

As for how she nabbed her new project, Wilson explained, Usually Michael Bay casts supermodels in his movies, and I thought, Hmmm, Im not feeling that thin today. So I went into my audition and I put in my bag some nun chucks. And I thought, If the situation arises, if my comedy is dying, Ill just pull out the nun chucks and show him some ninja skills.

Check out the video below to see what happened!