Real Housewives of Orange County: Will Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson Be Friends Again?

Tamra Barney (left) and Vicki Gunvalson
There”s one thing that always stays the same on The Real Housewives of Orange County: change.

On Tuesday”s season finale, former “friends, soul mates, sisters” Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson had a heated screaming-match at Heather Dubrow”s name-changing party that seems to have ruptured their friendship for good.

Of course, that could change. After all, last season Tamra and Gretchen Rossi were at each other”s throats, and this season they”re pals who can”t stop exchanging gifts.

In fact, their closeness seems to be a source of tension for Tamra and Vicki, as Gretchen pointed out on Tuesday”s episode. But the real fighting erupted over Vicki”s new boyfriend Brooks, who insisted that Tamra was giving Vicki “the evil eye.”

Tamra denied it and became upset over the situation. “For him to continuously tell her in her ear, “She”s giving you the evil eye,” is crazy,” she said. “You”re trying to get her pissed off, and you”re definitely pissing me off.”

When Vicki asked Tamra”s fiancé Eddie to “take control” of his wife-to-be, Tamra went off: “I don”t have [a man] to take control of me … Stop letting him tell you what to think.”

After that comment, Vicki screamed, “I don”t let him tell me what to think,” and stormed out of the party.

Tamra followed and the shouting continued, but their friendship may not. (Watch the video below.)

“Your boyfriend starts whispering in your ears trying to instigate a fight between us, and you side with him and I”m nuts” Tamra said after their fight. “F— you!”

“Tamra can go have her fun with Gretchen,” Vicki said. “She just lost me.”

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