‘Real Housewives’ Kid — Charged with Grand Theft Auto

Exclusive 1017-josh-waring-getty-rhocIf rap sheets were like IMDB … the son of an alum on “Real Housewives of Orange County” would be the hottest thing in Hollywood … because he”s just added another credit — charged with felony grand theft auto.

Josh Waring
— the son of Lauri Waring — is no stranger to crime.  He”s been busted at least 5 times.  As for the most recent … we found out he was popped on Oct. 10 for allegedly stealing a 2005 Cadillac.  He was charged today.  He”s also charged with possession of an opium pipe and needles.  And he”s charged with attempting to destroy evidence — the needles.

Josh”s wife was also arrested for possession of a billy club — it”s illegal in California.

Josh has had prior convictions for drugs.  He served a year in prison and he”s on probation, which could put him in even more jeopardy given the current charges.