Ray Parker Jr. — My ‘Ghostbusters’ Money Disappeared — I’m Calling… My Lawyer

Exclusive 0930-ray-parker-jr-ghostbusters-getty
We know who Ray Parker Jr.“s gonna call when he gets screwed out of massive royalty checks for his “Ghostbusters” song — Larry H. Parker, or some other legal beagle.

Ray has filed a lawsuit — which gives us a peek into just how huge his iconic song was.  Ray claims he was entitled to 75% of the gross receipts produced by the song.  To put this in perspective … he claims the song itself accounted for more than $20 million of box office profits.

But Ray says for more than a decade — and possibly as many as 3 decades — he”s been chiseled out of massive royalty money by EMI and Sony./ATV Music.

Ray is saying exactly how much he wants … just more than $100k for sure.