Ray J in Ray-Jing Fight After ‘Fat Bitch’ Insult

Exclusive 0322_ray_j_videoRay J used another one of his appendages early this morning to beat down a dude in a violent confrontation that started when Mr. J called a large woman a “fat bitch.”

It went down at Club Nokia in downtown L.A. at 1 AM, after Mack 10 and Jamie Adler”s West Coast Fest concert.

A woman goes nuclear on Ray J … an eyewitness tells our sources Ray J hurled the insult at her and she just goes off, screaming, “You said f**k me fat bitch.”  Ray J tries to calm her down, to no avail. 

She has a couple of great lines … “I”m the bitch they wouldn”t go get to whup bitches asses,” and “I ain”t no fake-ass n****r from Portland.”

It”s unclear how the fight started, but Ray J and some dude got at it, and it”s pretty clear … Ray beats the other guy”s ass.

No one was arrested.