Rashida Jones: Romancing Colin Jost!

Rashida Jones: Romancing Colin Jost!

Its no secret that Hollywood relationships can be trying, but it seems Rashida Jones has decided to give it a go with Saturday Night Live writer/fellow Harvard grad Colin Jost.

The Parks and Recreation starlet, who spent time with her new man at Seth Meyers wedding earlier this month, is actually six years older than Jost, and things are going well so far.

An inside source told press, Rashida is into him. She likes that hes funny, and in a previous interview Jones indicated that she needs a guy who can crack her up.

In 2011, the My Idiot Brother babe told Piers Morgan, “Funny is important. He doesn”t have to laugh at my jokes. He has to make me laugh.”

Jones also noted that shes had a rough time with love in the past. “Im no better at break-ups. I havent gotten any stronger, I just try to learn my lesson in a way where I dont have to re-learn it, and thats the only thing I can do. It gets a little better every time I get out of a relationship. I know Im never going to do that thing again.”