Rashida Jones Is Open to Dating. But Marriage, Well …

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones has probably made you laugh on shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Any men interested in dating her should be kind enough to return the favor.

“Funny is important He doesn”t have to laugh at my jokes. He has to make me laugh,” the actress (and one of us”s Most Beautiful in 2002) said Friday on CNN”s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Not that dating is her biggest priority right now. “My career right now is very time consuming. And I like it that way. It”s good,” she says.

And when she does meet guys “I”m also you know, I”m picky,” she says.

Still, she”s open to dating. But the idea of marriage well, that”s another story. “I totally believe in romance and love and all that,” Jones says. “But the actual institution of marriage – in this country, more than half the people get divorced. So, something”s not working.”

She adds: “I”m not staying it doesn”t work for everybody. I love going to weddings. And I totally support my friends that are married. I just don”t know if it works altogether across the board. That”s what I”m saying.”

As for her career, Jones, 35, has been working tirelessly as an actor and writer. But the daughter of legendary music mogul Quincy Jones is also a great singer, and would love to get into that business, too.

“It”s something that I love to do,” she says. “But I feel so strongly that I want to be so good at it, and I want to know music in and out. And I want to know theory. I want to lock myself in a room for six months and just know it Unless I could devote my soul to it, I wouldn”t want to do it, because I would want to make [my father] proud.”