Randy Jackson — MJ Executors are ‘Criminals’

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Randy Jackson just came out swinging against the people in charge of the Michael Jackson Estate — claiming the executors are “criminals” who falsified documents for their own personal gain … but it”s looking like Randy”s plot is quickly crashing and burning.

Jackson just spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC”s “Politics Nation” … and tried to explain why he and his siblings are trying to overthrow John Branca and John McClain.

“We feel there is criminal misconduct,” Jackson said … claiming the executors had a hand in faking MJ”s will … and Randy believes he can prove it because Michael was in NY on the day he supposedly signed the document in L.A. 

Problem is … Randy”s argument has a GIANT flaw … the “mistake” he”s pointing to is based on a witness who merely forgot what city he was in at the time the will was signed.

There are witnesses who saw MJ sign the will … and it has been validated by the court.

But even if Randy and his siblings were to get the will invalidated … MJ”s old will cuts them out of MJ”s fortune too … and it appoints Branca executor.

Multiple sources tell our sources … the situation is simply a money grab by MJ”s siblings who know that once Katherine Jackson dies … MJ”s money goes in trusts for his kids. Randy and co. will never get a dime.

Randy kept saying they are a family.  Paris begs to differ, because she just tweeted, “Family” they said.  Can you feel the sarcasm    And apparently Randy hasn”t read our website … that Tito has already jumped the “family” ship.