‘Rage Against the Machine’ Guitarist Tom Morello — I’ll Pay for Edward Snowden’s Escape Flight

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Tom Morello“s so pissed about the worldwide search for Edward Snowden that he”s willing to foot the bill to help the man behind the NSA leaks escape the U.S. government.

We brought up the Snowden scandal to Rage Against the Machine“s guitarist last night … and he absolutely unloaded on the Obama administration, and recommended Snowden — who”s been charged with espionage and theft of government property — never return to the U.S.

Morello explained, “I think he should live a happy life in Ecuador. That”s what I think. I think he”s a hero.”

He added, “He exposed the crimes of the government. That we”re all being spied on. all the time by the Obama administration If anybody deserves to be in jail … it”s not Snowden.”

Tom goes on to say he”ll personally pay for Snowden”s flight to South America — and you”ve gotta hear his choice words for President Obama and his emails soliciting money.

Agree or disagree with him — the guy is passionate.