Rachel Zoe: Baby #2 On the Way!

Rachel Zoe: Baby #2 On the Way!

She has an adorable 2-year-old son named Skyler, and Rachel Zoe is about to give him the greatest gift of all- a sibling!

The noted designer/fashionista and her husband Rodger Berman are expecting their second child together, and given her love for parenthood so far, its going to be fabulous.

Back in January, Rachel gushed about getting to pick out clothes for her little guy- “Oh my God, my husband laughs at me because I spend more time in his closet in the morning than I do in my own.

And, you know, it”s incredibly fun. It”s like having a live doll. And he loves it. Right now, he loves getting dressed. At some point, I”m sure in a year, he”s gonna hate everything I show him and just wanna wear, like, soccer uniforms or something.”

Zoe previously shared, “He”s amazing! He just makes me laugh from morning until night. He gets cuter every second of every minute.”