Rachel Weisz's Bundled Up Big Apple School Arrival

Rachel Weisz's Bundled Up Big Apple School Arrival

Taking her son Henry to school, Rachel Weisz stayed bundled up in New York City on Thursday morning (March 14).

The 43-year-old actress held on to her adorable son”s hand while she quickly made her way through the Big Apple streets to stay on schedule.

In related news, Miss Weisz recently chatted with Moviejuice about playing a bad girl in her new flick “Oz The Great and Powerful.”

When asked whether she preferred to play a good or a bad witch, Rachel commented, “Well, Ive never played a good one. Ive not played a witch before, this is my first witch.”

“But I wanted to be the bad girl. I dont know, she seemed like a character who is very evil, she doesnt have any redeeming qualities; shes manipulative, shes cruel, she lies, she cheats, she wants the throne, she breaks her sisters heart… Shes like a really evil dictator, but the more evil she is, the more fun she has. So I thought that was just a really good character,” she added.