Quentin Tarantino — Stolen ‘Pulp Fiction’ Chevy Coming Home … Fully Restored!

Exclusive 0428_quentin_chevyQuentin Tarantino“s “Pulp Fiction” “65 Chevy has been through the wringer since it was stolen nearly 2 decades ago … but it”s no worse for the wear … because the current owner spent more than $20,000 to restore it!

our sources broke the story … the red Chevy that Vincent Vega drove on his “date” with Mia Wallace in the 1994 movie — was stolen from outside Q”s L.A. home back in May 1995.  The car was finally recovered last week after the arrest of a suspected classic car thief.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the Chevy was in mint condition when it was jacked … then went AWOL for several years before being passed around a couple of collectors.

At one point the car was abandoned in Oakland … but the VIN number had been tampered with, so officials couldn”t connect the car back to Quentin.

A collector in Northern California bought the car roughly 10 years ago … and has had it ever since, completely unaware of its stolen past.

When cops came a-callin”, after the arrest of a suspected classic car thief, the collector told cops the ride was in rough shape when he bought it … and he”s spent more than $20k to make it pretty again.

We”re talkin … new wheels, new tires, new top, fresh paint job, new chrome and plenty of interior work … clearly it didn”t get the TLC a classic car deserves.

Authorities say Tarantino should get his old rig back in the next few weeks.

The current owner should be able to make an insurance claim … but it”s unclear if he”ll be reimbursed for a mint “65 Chevy ($$) … or a mint “65 Chevy that was in “Pulp Fiction” ($$$$$$$$$$).

Stay tuned …