Queen turns Bond girl in Olympic ceremony"s best kept secret

Queen turns Bond girl in Olympic ceremony
The Queen made her acting debut, leaving no one in any doubt that she has a finely attuned sense of humour.

Her family including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the rest of the audience in chuckling as she appeared alongside James Bond in one of the many film segments shown during the Olympics opening ceremony by director Danny Boyle.

 “Good evening Mr Bond,” said the monarch to actor Daniel Craig, who”d slipped into 007″s tux once again for the occasion, apparently in preparation to escort her to the Games.

With corgis snapping at their heels, the pair then boarded a helicopter bound for the stadium and were apparently seen parachuting downwards.

The unlikeliest Bond girl in the world arrived as if by magic wearing exactly the same elegant peach outfit she”d been wearing on screen – to whoops and cheers and the renewed respect of her people.