Queen Elizabeth II reveals love of Antiques Roadshow on Northern Ireland tour

Queen Elizabeth II has revealed she loves the long-running BBC programme Antiques Roadshow.

The British monarch met antiques experts at Hillsborough Castle where the BBC were filming a new episode of their show.

Her husband the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly quizzed host Fiona Bruce when the episode featuring them would air.

Queen Elizabeth II shows her appreciation for antiques

The Queen, who was signing the visitors” book, turned around to add: “If it is in August then even better because we might have a chance to see it.”

The royal couple are on a three-day visit to Northern Ireland and were interested in several items on display for the show, including a bronze sculpture of a horse and jockey, believed to be of the 1863 Derby winner Macaroni whom experts think took home the win after 32 false starts.

The Queen said: “It seems very incompetent doesn’t it But quite interesting.”

Queen Elizabeth II signs the visitor book at Hillsborough Castle

Experts Paul Atterbury, John Axford, a ceramics and Far East specialist, and Hilary Kay introduced items to the royals, and spent 10 minutes with them explaining their history – including a christening cup which held a strong connection to the royal family.

“What was lovely about this is, this is a piece unlike the other objects as it has a direct family connection,” Ms Kay said.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the Queen”s favourite show or programmes that she may watch, but it was the second television set in 24 hours for the Queen and Prince Philip, as on Tuesday the pair also visited the set of HBO”s international hit Game of Thrones.

Queen Elizabeth II failed to take a seat on the Iron Throne

They were shown some of the handmade costumes and props that have featured in the hit fantasy show, while executive producers and writers of the show, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, led the royals through the sets for the Red Keep and the Throne Room.

On her visit to the fantastical set, the Queen was presented with a miniature version of the Iron Throne, which features in the US TV series.

Unfortunately for Game of Thrones fans, however, she failed to take a seat on the Iron Throne.