Puppet Master Jeff Dunham: Cops Crack Twitter Death Threat Case

Exclusive 0329_jeff_dunham_achmed-article
Legendary ventriloquist Jeff Dunham can sleep soundly again … because we”ve learned cops have neutralized the person who made multiple death threats targeting him.

According to legal docs obtained by our sources, L.A. police recently executed a warrant to search Twitter records for the identity of a user who threatened the lives of Jeff and his family.

Among the tweets …

— “Wanna go scare some kids Maybe kill “em too I”ts all yers buddy [sic].”

— “YOUR NEXT ON MY LEEST … Guess who”s outsideeeee”

— “You have approximately 4 months b4 death … CHOOSE what you WILL do b4 you DIEEEEE….”

— Then to Jeff”s wife … “Your husbands name was spoken … 4 months is his limit … of DEATH … I WILL DRAG HIM INTO MY CAPTURE ….”

Law enforcement sources tell our sources, cops tracked the creep down and they”re confident he”s no longer a threat.  Our sources wouldn”t be more specific.