PSY Unleashes "Gentleman": Watch Here!

PSY Unleashes

Hoping to repeat the success of “Gangnam Style,” PSY released a new single called “Gentleman” on Friday (April 12).

Accompanied by some new moves he calls the “arrogant dance,” the Korean rapper performed the tune at a concert in Seoul on Saturday.

Prior to the show, the 35-year-old pop star shared his thoughts on the rising tensions between North and South Korea, lamenting, “It”s a tragedy. We are the only countries divided right now,” adding about the North, “Hopefully my Gangnam Style, my Gentleman, my music videos and my choreography… they might enjoy them too.”

Though the incredible international success of his first song is a lot to live up to, PSY isn”t straying from his Korean roots, speaking about “Gentleman,” “I tried to find Korean words that people from any country can easily sing along. I will bring more Korean dance moves and Korean songs overseas.”