Psst … Wanna Buy A Piece Of Christopher Dorner?

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Now this is special … Dead cop-killer Christopher Dorner“s .38 Special is up for auction.

Dorner got a piddly fifty bucks for the well-worn revolver (pictured above) at Bargain Pawn in January, a month before his killing spree touched off one of the largest manhunts in LAPD history.

The North Las Vegas pawn shop started its online auction Tuesday evening … so far it”s up to $455 with 15 bids.  A permit and photo of Dorner in the shop prove it was his.

The owners tell our sources they have only good intentions — the listing calls Dorner a “coward and murderer.” They”re donating the proceeds of the auction to the families of Riverside police officer Michael Crain and San Bernardino Det. Jeremiah MacKay … who both left behind kids.

Going once, going twice …