Producers Scramble to Find "American Idol" Judge After Dr. Luke Falls Through

Producers Scramble to Find

Wanting to be an “American Idol” judge so badly, the music producer known as Dr. Luke reportedly offered his bosses at Sony Music $6 million to let him do it. However, Sony said no because its competitor, Universal Music Group, holds the rights to Idol recordings; the musical doctor would essentially be helping Sonys rival make millions.

Idol wanted Dr. Luke because of his impressive music industry credentials and he was reportedly offered $12 million to join the panel.

So now, with Luke (a.k.a. Lukasz Gottwald) out of the running, Idol has again turned its attention to Harry Connick Jr. Hes been rumored to join the judging panel before, but FOX-TV has never been particularly enthused by the crooner.

By all accounts, Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez are set to begin judging the first round of auditions next week. Without a third judge signed, however, taping may be delayed.