Priscilla Presley — Bodyguard TAKES DOWN Autograph Seeker [VIDEO]

Exclusive Video062012_pricilla_presley_v4_launchAttempting to get Priscilla Presley“s autograph came at a very high price for one dude — as in … a severe ASS WHOOPING!!

Priscilla was leaving Pantages Theater last night in Hollywood when she stopped to sign autographs for a large group of fans — but one autograph seeker started arguing with Priscilla”s bodyguards … over the positioning of his photo. Seriously.

The guy actually threatened the bodyguards, saying … “You damage my property, I”m gonna damage something of yours.” A few seconds later the autograph seeker learned the true meaning of damage … as fists start flying!

The bodyguard makes quick work of the dude — who was already wearing a leg brace — taking him down to the ground … and staying on top of him while the autograph seeker threatens to sue.

Gotta say … the autograph seeker was pretty mouthy, especially considering he was in a leg brace AND much smaller than the beefy bodyguards. But check the video … for the takedown and Priscilla”s reaction.