Princess Leonor preparing for her role as Spain"s future queen

Princess Leonor preparing for her role as Spain
Princess Leonor of Spain is already preparing for her life of duty in the Spanish royal family. Despite her young age Leonor, whose parents are future King and Queen Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, is excelling in her studies and partaking in extra curricular activities that will stand her in good stead as Spain”s future monarch.

Leonor, 7, has been studying Mandarin, the world”s most spoken language, twice a week and can now name the parts of the body and sing several songs. Along with her younger sister Infanta Sofia, 5, Leonor has been speaking English since she was very little, reading stories and speaking in English with her grandmother Queen Sofia and her English nanny.


The well-rounded young princess has been gaining lessons in poise and elegance from ballet classes and embracing her sporty side on the ski slopes. From a young age Leonor and Sofia have joined their parents on the pistes of the Spanish mountains.

As the heir to a Catholic throne Infanta Leonor is also preparing for her First Holy Communion. Soon Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia will have to decide whether their daughter takes part in a private Communion service or the one conducted by her school, Santa Maria De Los Rosales. If the latter is chosen Leonor will not wear the traditional white dress and veil but her navy blue uniform in-keeping with her school”s rules.

The extrovert young princess has embraced school life in the five years she has been studying there, becoming involved in plays, art and socialising with her classmates.