Prince William Celebrates the Football Association's 150th Anniversary

Prince William Celebrates the Football Association's 150th Anniversary

Joining in on celebrating the Football Association”s 150th anniversary, Prince William stepped out onto the Buckingham Palace grounds to train for the historical Civil Service vs Polytechnic today (October 7).

The Duke of Cambridge sported midnight blue Nike gear as he prepared for the match paying tribute to the football”s unsung heroes honoring 150 grass root volunteers.

While speaking to guests, the Prince Will said, “At its best, football is a powerful force for good in society. It binds people from different backgrounds, communities, faiths, and abilities – and gives them a common interest, a unifying identity.”

He continued, “I believe over its 150 years, football has remained a wonderful example of the power of community and of our ability to come together to organize and to enjoy a simple past time.”

Also chatting about Buckingham Palace, home of his grandmother Elizabeth the Queen of England, Prince William stated, “This magnificent home, Buckingham Palace, is at the heart of the nation, and so there cannot be a more fitting setting to celebrate our national game, and to celebrate all of you.”

“I cannot tell you how excited I am that later today we will be playing football on my grandmother”s lawn. One warning, though: If anyone breaks a window, you can answer to her,” he added jokingly.